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Our mission at Solutions by the Sea is to help serve adults suffering from substance dependance, addictive disorders and to provide a safe and orderly place where people are able to take responsibility for their lives. Our environment is conducive for implementing a plan of recovery through practicing the 12 step program to develop personal responsibility, build and maintain family relationships, stable employment and return to the community with a comprehensive body of knowledge allowing them to experience a new way of life.    Testimonials

What We Provide

About Solutions by the Sea
Solutions by the Sea provides the essentials needed to succeed in a safe and sober living environment. Review our listed solutions aimed at ensuring a new way of life.

  • Policy and Procedures enforced to create a safe and sober living environment.
  • Zero tolerance policy, negative actions create negative results.
  • Built in support group, unity is our code.
  • Big brother policy, one alcoholic /addict helping another. Unity.
  • AA/NA meetings on the property.
  • Peer group meetings on the property.
  • 4 stage process to help you incorporate a plan of action.
  • Voluntary money management policy.
  • Newcomers financial assistance for public transportation.
  • Newcomers (entry level) jump-start program.
  • All bed linens and towels provided.
  • Coin operated laundry facility on property.
  • Transportation to and from outside meetings readily provided.
  • Cable, phone, and internet access.
  • Toiletries provided until income has been established.
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